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Orange Ball Standings  RecordGreen Ball Standings  Record
Katie Williams  6-1 Teddy Perchall  5-0
Meagan Kunkel  4-1Sebastian Stockbridge  3-1
David Molhem  1-2Tyler Schuman  1-4
Arianny De Sena  3-3Joelle Meers  3-1
Alex Olivera  1-2Nora Arabaci  0-1
Joshua Hill  3-2Audrey Barron  3-0
Jadon Prokopetz  3-4Chris Ottolini  2-2
Maria Lakes  2-2Jesse Mudgett  2-3
Noah Durieux  1-3Wyatt Hubbard  1-5
Madison Duncan  1-3Kevin Hernandez  1-4
John Porter  0-1Maggie Stubbe
Emily Rodriquez  0-1

Matches on September 24th

Teddy Perchall defeated Tyler Schuman   6-2 
Joelle Meers defeated Nora Arabaci  6-4
Sebastian Stockbridge defeated Wyatt Hubbard   6-2
Chris Ottolini defeated Kevin Hernandez  6-1
David Molhem defeated Alex Olivera  6-1
Katie Williams defeated Arianny De Sena  6-1
Madison Duncan defeated Emily Rodriquez  6-2

Matches on October 1st

Chris Ottolini defeated Wyatt Hubbard   6-0 
Audrey Barron defeated Kevin Hernandez    6-0
Katie Williams defeated David Molhem  6-2
Meagan Kunkel defeated Arianny De Sena    7-5
Maria Lakes defeated Madison Duncan  6-2

Matches on October 8th

Meagan Kunkel defeated Katie Williams   6-4 
Joshua Hill defeated Jadon Prokopetz  6-3
Sebastian Stockbridge defeated Tyler Schuman    6-0
Audrey Barron defeated Jesse Mudgett  6-3
Teddy Perchall defeated Joelle Meers  6-3
Kevin Hernandez defeated Wyatt Hubbard  6-1

Matches on October 15th

Joelle Meers defeated Wyatt Hubbard    6-0
Meagan Kunkel defeated David Molhem    6-3
Katie Williams defeated Jadon Prokopetz    6-0 
Teddy Perchall defeated Sebastian Stockbridge     7-5
Tyler Schuman defeated Chris Ottolini  6-3

Matches on October 22nd

Teddy Perchall defeated Tyler Schuman    7-5 
Jesse Mudgett defeated Kevin Hernandez    6-1
Maria Lakes defeated Noah Durieux  6-3
Arianny De Sena defeated Jadon Prokopetz     6-1

Matches on October 29th

Katie Williams defeated Meagan Kunkel     6-4 
Alex Olivera defeated Noah Durieux  6-2
Arianny De Sena defeated Maria Lakes  6-1

Matches on November 5th

Wyatt Hubbard defeated Kevin Hernandez    7-6 
Arianny De Sena defeated Alex Olivera  6-4
Jadon Prokopetz defeated Noah Durieux  7-6

Matches on November 12th

Joelle Meers defeated Jesse Mudgett    6-3 
Audrey Barron defeated Chris Ottolini  7-6

Matches on November 19th

Jesse Mudgett defeated Wyatt Hubbard    6-2 

Matches on December 10th

Sebastian Stockbridge defeated Jesse Mudgett     6-3 
Katie Williams defeated Joshua Hill  6-1

Matches on December 17th

Noah Durieux defeated Madison Duncan      6-1 
Joshua Hill defeated Jadon Prokopetz  6-0

Matches on January 14th

Teddy Perchall defeated Tyler Schuman    6-3 
Jadon Prokopetz defeated Madison Duncan    6-3
Meagan Kunkel defeated Arianny De Sena  7-5

Matches on February 11th (Green Dot Matches)

Katie Williams defeated Joshua Hill    6-4   
Jadon Prokopetz defeated Maria Lakes      6-1

Matches on February 18th (Green Dot Matches)

Joshua Hill defeated John Porter     6-1